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We provide functional, contextual and environmentally sensitive creative solutions for each project within the parameters of budge time regulatory.
- Sreejith Pathangalil
Our team is well equipped to handle all architectural projects from concept to finish. We find a nice balance between creativity and the functional aspects of each building without compromising both. Our ultimate goal is to give the client what they need.

While architecture is mostly hinged on visual and aesthetic appeal, Interior Design is the heart and soul of any building. That is where people spend all their time. Interior needs to be inviting, comfortable, peaceful  and with positive energy. Factors like colour, choice of materials and division of space etc. becomes vital. That is why we are keen on attending to all minute details.

Any successful Architectural and Interior Design project needs to have its fundamentals correct and  efficiently executed. So we offer a host of related consulting services such as civil, structural, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning etc.

We add additional depth to our service by taking up contracting for the project. We help clients with documentations and other legal requirements for the construction. Our expert team follows strict guidelines for all construction activities and constant monitoring of the project on its progress as well as quality control. We also assist in non-technical pre and post execution requirements such as registrations, approvals and statutory clearances with authorities.

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